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KYU MIAMI | 11 Quirky Questions with Chef Michael Lewis
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By Laura Latham for Colors & Flavors


Born and bred in NYC, Chef Michael Lewis will be serving up a balanced menu of refreshing crudos and smoked grill at Wynwood’s new venue, KYU.


Opened February 15, 2016


Quirky Questions


  1. What was the first tattoo you ever got?

A sun and moon on my back. It was the only thing I could really draw growing up and I wanted my first to be something that came from me.


  1. What’s your favorite tattoo? … any not so good?!

They’re all a part of me, all have a story and as my life has evolved, so have my tattoos. Some have been changed (as have I), some have been covered up or evolved into something else (again, as have I) but they are all still there and always will be.


  1. You grew up in NYC, where was your favorite place to hang out?

East Village. To me this is the old NYC. The buildings are older and lower, the grit is real and so are the people. I also LOVE Central Park; the ideas that went into the design for the park and predicting how it would evolve and mature to what it is now, mesmerizes me every time I’m there.


  1. Who’s your favorite musical artist?

I’ve always been drawn to groups like the Beastie Boys, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian… there’s just something about a group of friends getting together, working hard and doing what they love. It reminds me of my experiences in the kitchen with friends.


  1. How do you maintain and groom that beautiful beard of yours?

I do absolutely nothing! Isn’t that the point of not shaving?!


  1. Are you a flip flop or trainers guy?

I’m not sure I’ve ever owned a pair of Flip Flops. EVER.


  1. Day off work. How will you spend your Sunday afternoon?

What’s a day off???? I don’t understand.


  1. Do you write your recipes with pen and paper or type away on the computer?

Type. Not that I’m fast at typing. I don’t want any ideas to get lost, however, I’ve had kids that worked with me talk about dishes that I made for them that they thought were the best thing ever and I can’t even remember making them.


  1. What do you drive to work?

Yamaha R-6


  1. Best thing about Steven? (KYU’s General manager)

Sense of humor and his heart. Steven is just a really great guy and family man.


  1. … and the not so good? (Try not to be too harsh! haha)

His ability to get me to agree to things during service that I know are going to be a bad idea (i.e. A few more tables … like 20!!!, lets stay open a little longer … like 2 hours!!!!, lets do a party of 100 people on a Saturday night … during a holiday weekend!!!! Crazy Scottish “ C U Next Tuesday”!!!!!


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